January 28, 2013

Poland Goes Luna "16"

On November 20th 1970 Poland issued a sheet of 8, 2.50 zloty, stamps to commemorate the Russian Luna 16 unmanned moon mission.

Luna 16 was the first robotic probe to land and return from the moon with a lunar soil sample.  It was the third mission overall to return samples (The first were Apollo 11 and 12) to Earth and the first for the Russian Space Program.   

January 19, 2013

the October Revolution

Here is a brief exhibit I put together for a competition at Stamp Bears, which is one of the best philatelic forums out there.  You can visit the exhibit on the site by clicking here: http://www.stampbears.proboards.com/thread/362/entry-2nd-exhibit-old-site.

It is not an exhaustive display of all the stamps that relate to the revolution but was thrown together to show some of the issues from the USSR extolling the virtues of the Russian Revolution.  Below are the 5 pages, 4 display plus one cover.  The intent of these competitions is to demonstrate history through stamps.

I hope you enjoy the exhibit and please leave your comments letting me know what you think.  And please visit and join Stamp Bears, they can be found at http://www.stampbears.net.