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Here you will find some of my Single Page Exhibits and Custom Album Pages.  Please feel free to comment and provide your feedback on any of the content.

I have started to teach myself LaTeX and here is a page I made using the typesetting program.  It is Poland's 1946 Airmail issues.

Below are a set of pages I created for Canada Post's  2013 issues.  Pages were created with album easy.

Here is a set issued by Poland with art from the Jasna Gora Monastery, issued in 1986.  The page was designed with Album Easy.

Here is a set that was issued by Poland featuring still-life paintings located in the National Museum in Warsaw. Page was designed with open-office.

Here is Marshall Islands issue for the 1999 World Stamp Expo in Australia.  Page done with album Easy.

Here is another page done with Album Easy.  the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War issued by Argentina.

One of my favourite sets is this one issued from Kenya.  The page was designed with Album Easy.  

Here is the Indian Aero India 2003 Set issued on February 5, 2003.  This page was designed with Album Easy.

Here is another page that I used Album Easy to create.  Fiji's Stick Insects set is interesting and a very visually appealing set.

Here is a Page I created for Fiji's Passion Fruit issue.  I created with Album Easy.  You can add a lot of informative text with the program if you take the time to learn how to use it properly.

 Here was a set issued by Poland for Stamp Day. This page was designed in MS Word.

Russian gems issue created with MS Word.

Russia Paintings by Perov.  Page designed using MS Word.

The History of Russian Painting Set.  Page designed with Album Easy

 The Russian UPU centennial issue.  The page was designed using Microsoft word.

A nice set of stamps was issued by Cuba to celebrate the New 7 Wonders of the world. This page was created with AlbumEasy.

One of my favourite sets of stamps is the children playing set of semi-postals issued by Belgium. This page was designed with Open Office Writer

Here is my first thematic page for the sheet of 6 stamps issued by Norway to celebrate the centenary of their soccer association. This page was done using MS Publisher and the light field in the background is done to scale.

Here is a page I designed with album easy for the Marshall Islands "Sink the Bismarck" set issued in 1991.

This is a custom album page I created for Paraguays Stations of the Cross set issued on March 11, 1970 for Easter.  The scan cut off  the lines at the side of the page.

I used AlbumEasy to create the page.

Here is a custom album page I designed using Micro$oft Word for Poland's Navy During WWII set.

Here is a page I created with either M$ Word or Open Office Writer for a cover celebrating the Career of HMCS Bonaventure.

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  1. I really enjoyed the whole presentation of your stamps. The layout and design is remarkable.


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