August 28, 2012

The Grey Cup - The Game

Following my post last week on the Grey Cup Trophy, today I will detail some of the history on the Game.

The first Grey Cup Game was played on December 4, 1909 between the University of Toronto Blues and the Parkdale Canoe Club,  the Varsity Blues won the game 26 - 6.  Since then 99 Games have been held with the 100th being played November 24, 2012.

August 21, 2012

The Grey Cup - The Trophy

In 1909 Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada, donated the Grey Cup for Canada's National Football Championship.

2012 sees the 100th Grey Cup game (no games were held between 1916-1919) and this is being commemorated by Canada Post in their 2012 stamp program. 

Trying to Get Kids Interested

Much is said in the philatelic media about our hobby dying and the lack of youth involvement in stamp collecting.  As collectors/philatelists it is our job to try to entice people into the hobby.  Now, we will continue to fight an up hill battle with the likes of X Box, PS3, Wii's, et al.  we can atleast try to involve them some how.

At my house I try to involve my children as much as possible.  One such way is developing small mounted frames with stamps of a particular frame to show them the collecting possibilities that exist.