September 12, 2015

Free Album Pages

I am teaching myself Latex which is used to professionally typeset documents and thought what better way to teach my self than to develop album pages with it.

As a bonus I figure I will offer the pages to those who read/stumble across my blog.

The first set of pages are for Great Britain's stamps issued during the reign of King George the V.

Here are images of the 5 pages:

I have removed the catalouge number so I don't infringe on any copyrights. The pages can be downloaded in .PDF format from here.

The next set on up for takes (again for free) are the pages I designed for US Postage dues. These pages are based on the 2005 Stanley Gibbons "Stamps of the World".

Here are images of the 3 pages:

You can grab these here.


September 07, 2015

The Botswana National Museum turns 40

In 2008 the postal authority of Botswana issued a set of 5 stamps to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their national museum and art gallery.
The museum was established by an act of parliament  in 1967 and is located in the Botswanan capital of Gaborone.  For the 40th anniversary the museum mirrored the International Council of Museums banner of "Museum as Agents of Social Change and Development"

Celebrating Cape Verde's Merchant fleet.

On November 30, 1980 the island nation of Cape Verde issued 5 ship themed stamps.  The stamps were printed using lithography and were perforated 12.5 x 12.

Inscribed "Flota Mercante" the stamps were issued to commemorate the Merchant Fleet serving the islands.

Arca Verde

On the 3 Escudo stamp the Arca Verde is pictured.   She was built in Norway and completed in 1955 as the Herlaug II.  Powered by 1, 8 cylinder BMV diesel engine producing 400 bhp and capable of carrying 150 passengers.