August 21, 2012

Trying to Get Kids Interested

Much is said in the philatelic media about our hobby dying and the lack of youth involvement in stamp collecting.  As collectors/philatelists it is our job to try to entice people into the hobby.  Now, we will continue to fight an up hill battle with the likes of X Box, PS3, Wii's, et al.  we can atleast try to involve them some how.

At my house I try to involve my children as much as possible.  One such way is developing small mounted frames with stamps of a particular frame to show them the collecting possibilities that exist. 

For my son I have created a few displays that reflect his interests:

2009 Centennary of the Montreal Canadiens Issue

Canada Post's 1995 Comic Book Superheroes Issue

2011 Canadian Pride and Baby Wildlife issued on my son's Birthday
For my oldest daughter I have put together the following:

Beijing Olympic Mascots from China Post

Hello Kitty issues from Japan

And not leave out the youngest, she has:

Canada Post 2012 Childrens Book Issue: Franklin
Now will these get the kids collecting?  Only time will tell, but it can't hurt.

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