September 07, 2012

Blog Updates

Good morning,

I have been tweaking a few of my pages on the blog and have updated my Album Pages, Page:

I now have 16 album pages listed.  The complete list is below:

7 New Wonders of the World from Cuba
Children Playing from Belgium
Fijian Passion Fruit
HIstory of Russian Painting
HMCS Bonaventure
India's Aero India 2003
Kenya's Kenyan Moumtains
Norwegian Soccer Centennial
Paintings by Perov
Paraguay's Stations of the Cross
Phasmids on Fijian Stamps
Poland celebrates Stamp Day
Polish Navy During WW II
Russia celebrates the UPU Centennial
Russian Gems
Sink the Bismarck

I also added a page on my Canadian Pictorial Cancel Collection

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